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How To Download FSSAI Certificate?

How to Download FSSAI Certificate?

Food safety standards can be compromised in local or online markets where stored food may contain harmful chemicals or be unfit for consumption. Some foods may even contain heavy metals or other contaminants. To curb such issues and ensure standard food for consumers, the governing laws must bring offenders under control. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established in 2006 and underwent modifications in 2011, mandating all food business operators, including pharmaceutical or medical stores selling food supplements, to obtain an FSSAI license. This certificate is essential for legally selling food and related products.

#What is an FSSAI Certificate?

An FSSAI certificate is a 14-digit number issued upon successful application and certification by the authority. Businesses must comply with FSSAI rules and regulations upon certification. When a company displays the FSSAI license number on food packaging alongside the FSSAI logo, it signifies that the food is safe for human consumption.

# Historical Background and Establishment of FSSAI

Before the implementation of the FSS Act 2006, various acts regulated food items independently, leading to complexity in assessment and licensing. The FSS Act consolidated these controls under a single authority, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, headquartered in Delhi. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare oversees FSSAI, appointing its Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, both ranking at the Secretary level within the government.

# Functions of FSSAI

FSSAI’s primary functions include :
– Framing regulations for food safety and standards.
– Ensuring compliance with food safety norms by businesses.
– Providing scientific and technical support to central and state food authorities.
– Creating awareness about food safety among consumers and stakeholders.
– Developing international food standards to facilitate exports.

# Types of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration includes three types :
*Basic Registration : For small businesses with turnover below 12 lakh rupees per annum.
 *State License : Required for medium-sized businesses with a turnover between 12 lakh to 20 crore rupees per annum.
*Central License : Mandatory for large businesses with a turnover exceeding 20 crore rupees per annum.

# Process to Obtain an FSSAI Certificate

To obtain an FSSAI certificate, businesses must apply through the FoSCos website (https://foscos.fssai.gov.in/apply-for-lic-and-reg). The process involves selecting the appropriate license type, filling out the form, submitting required documents, and undergoing inspection by FSSAI authorities. The certification process typically takes 30 working days for basic registration and 60 working days for state or central licenses.

# Structure of the FSSAI License Number

The 14-digit FSSAI license number comprises:
– Identification of registration status.
– State code.
– Year of issuance.
– License number details.
– Serial number.

# Steps to Download an FSSAI Certificate

To download an FSSAI certificate:
1. Visit the FoSCos website and log in with your credentials.
2. Navigate to the “Issued” section and select “Issued – License” or “Issued – Registration Certificate” based on your application.
3. Click on the license number to view details.
4. Download the certificate using the provided option (PDF format).
5. Save or print the certificate for record-keeping or display at your business premises.

# Importance of the FSSAI Certificate

*Assurance of Quality : The FSSAI mark assures consumers of food safety and quality.
*Legal Compliance : Operating without an FSSAI license is prohibited by law.
*Consumer Confidence : Products with an FSSAI mark enhance consumer trust and market credibility.
*Global Recognition : FSSAI certification facilitates international trade by meeting global food safety standards.

# Conclusion

Obtaining an FSSAI certificate is crucial for any food business aiming to operate legally and provide safe products to consumers. It not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also boosts consumer confidence and market competitiveness. For businesses seeking growth and reliability in the food industry, acquiring and displaying an FSSAI certificate is essential.

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