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Benefits of IEC (Import Export Code) License

Discover the ease of expanding your business globally with Import Export Code (IEC) registration. Avail exclusive benefits, eliminate return filings, and enjoy a hassle-free, lifelong validity. Dive into international opportunities with IEC – the key to unlocking your business’s global potential.

1. Seamless Global Expansion:

IEC opens doors to global markets, allowing your products and services to reach new audiences. It’s the essential tool for businesses looking to explore international opportunities.

2. Exclusive Benefits at Your Fingertips:

Unlock a host of benefits from DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, and more with your IEC registration. Enhance the competitiveness of your imports and exports on the global stage.

3. Streamlined Process, No Return Filings:

Enjoy the simplicity of IEC – no more hassles with return filings. Once you have your IEC, there’s no need to navigate complex filing processes, saving valuable time and resources.

4. Swift and Easy Processing:

Obtaining your IEC code is a breeze. Thanks to the DGFT’s streamlined process, get your IEC within 10 to 15 days after submitting your application. No proof of export or import required during the application process.

5. Lifetime Validity, No Renewal Headaches:

Unlike other licenses, your IEC code boasts a lifetime validity. Once obtained, it remains effective throughout your business entity’s lifespan. Forget about renewal headaches – focus on your core business activities.

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Don’t Miss Out – Secure Your IEC for Global Success

In conclusion, IEC registration is your passport to global success. Say goodbye to return filings, embrace exclusive benefits, and enjoy a lifetime-valid code. Seize the international opportunities waiting for your business – initiate your IEC registration now!


To know more about the IEC Code registration process CLICK HERE!  

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